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Barley+ is an innovative range of whole grain muesli and snack bars which includes a superior whole grain called BARLEYmax™ delivering the perfect mix of fiber.

Fiber types can be grouped into two distinct families insoluble and soluble. Soluble fiber along with a special natural starch in our grain called Resistant Starch plays particularly important roles as prebiotics, which are ‘food’ for the good bacteria living in your gut, making your gut stronger and healthier. These special carbohydrates are often used in our diets, especially resistant starch. Furthermore, it seems that all of these three are most effective in boosting our all-important health.

The CSIRO developed a barley cultivar, called BARLEYmax™, with exceptional levels of all three types of fiber. Barley + uses this whole grain as the main ingredient, and has shown below, has higher levels of the three types of fiber compared to

Below, you can see how superior our unique Barley is when compared to other “everyday” grains:

Soluble Fiber

Insoluble Fiber

Resistant Starch

Meeting your whole grain and fiber is easy, and most importantly delicious with the Barley+ range! Just one serving of Barley+ Muesli adds around 2 ounce-equivalent of wholegrain to a daily intake and more Barley can help Americans meet their recommended intakes of whole grains.


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