Reboot your gut and wellbeing in 28 days

Catalina Martone-Healthy Gut GirlFreedom Foods believes in their mission of “Making Food Better.” We believe so strongly in the extraordinary health potentiating benefits of our prebiotic Barley+ range, that we developed the 28-Day Reboot Nutrition and Lifestyle Program to demonstrate the positive impact it could have on wellbeing and gut health.

Over 28 days, 50 of our employees were independently assessed after substituting their normal daily breakfast with Barley+ Muesli and a Barley+ Muesli Bar each day as a snack. After 28 days, the participants reported statistically significant reductions in group mean body weight, body fat and body mass index (BMI), and a significant positive shift in feelings of anger.

Recently, Catalina Martone, also known as the Healthy Gut Girl, partnered with Freedom Foods to try the 28-Day Reboot for herself. As a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, a certified Nutritional Counselor, a Master Herbalist, and a Child Birth Educator, Catalina is always trying new ways and techniques to live the fullest and healthiest life. Catalina has had health problems her entire life. She was frequently in and out of the hospital taking medication to help a wide range of issues. It wasn’t until she tried holistic living techniques that she realized the problem was with her gut and that she was the solution! By changing how and what she ate, she was able to keep her body in alignment.

Catalina ate the Freedom Foods Barley+ line of products for the 28-Day Reboot. Barley+ is a delicious, new, healthy range of breakfast muesli and muesli bars. The key ingredient in Barley+ is an outstanding Australian Whole Grain Barley, which has a unique mix of prebiotic dietary nutrients that include resistant starch and soluble fiber, as well as more commonly known insoluble fiber. This leads to a healthier gut and in turn a healthier Catalina!

We were able to catch up with her to talk about her first few days doing the reboot.

Freedom Foods: How has the 28 Day Reboot Challenge been so far?

Catalina Martone: I’ve always had a hard time with eating breakfast. I’m usually not that hungry in the morning and can sometimes go all the way to lunch without eating anything. What I’ve found is that this is the perfect amount of food for me to eat in the morning! Even after the challenge is over, I think I’ll continue doing this.

FF: What are some positive and negative reactions that you’ve noticed?

CM: Well, like I said, I usually skip breakfast and then sometimes I’ll crash hard. But, not with the Barley+. Having a little bowl of cereal Barley+ makes it so that I don’t experience a crash. It has also changed my bowel movements. There has been a greater ease and consistency. That was the first change that I noticed, the change in my digestion. My attitude or mood hasn’t changed much because I’m already a happy person but not having the crash in the middle of the day has been great.

FF: Have you ever done a challenge like this before?

CM: I’ve tried to incorporate prebiotics into my diet for a while now. The challenge is exciting for me because there is a results aspect to the challenge that I haven’t done before. My change in diet has always been something I’m doing for me but the challenge aspect is nice because it keeps me accountable. I’m really enjoying adding prebiotics and fiber to my morning. This makes a lot of sense for me.

Sign up for the 28 Reboot today here. You can also find more about Catalina and her journey with gut health on her website: and to find more information on the products that Catalina is using visit our website at:


You can purchase your Barley+ products here:

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Sign up for exclusive content on all things digestive health! Featuring our delicious recipes, coupons, and of course news on our latest and greatest products. Every sign up receives a coupon for $1.00 off!