Bloating, water, and the importance of quality prebiotics

This is the Healthy Gut Girl’s second week of the Barley+ 28 Day Reboot Challenge. In her first week, she noticed a surprising change of energy levels during the middle of the day when she would typically “crash”. This totally makes sense when less than a third of U.S. adults eat the recommended 3-ounce servings of wholegrain foods a day. Barley+ makes it easy to achieve the recommended amount, as just one serving of our Toasted Muesli delivers almost 2-ounce equivalents of wholegrains, nearly two-thirds of the recommended daily intake.

This week the Healthy Gut Girl also told us she experienced some bloating. This can sometimes be a normal reaction to increased fiber intake, and can easily be combatted by drinking more water throughout the day. During the first few days of eating this kind of prebiotic fiber, some people feel a little extra gas in their gut. Did you know that this ‘gas’, or ‘wind’, is actually a good sign, as it shows that prebiotics is feeding our good gut bacteria?

The Healthy Gut Girl, also known as Catalina Martone, is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, a certified Nutritional Counselor, a Master Herbalist, AND a Child Birth Educator? Freedom Foods was able to check in with her to hear about the results that she was experiencing in her second week.

Freedom Foods: How has the Barley+ 28 Day Reboot Challenge been going for you?

Catalina Martone: It’s going good! I did feel like I was having some bloating initially. However, after a little bit of time that passed. I’ve had issues like this with clients when they are just starting out with prebiotics and probiotics. It just takes some adjusting. I have been enjoying the products though! The smoothie that I made for my last social media post was SO good! I think I’m going to look into making some healthy prebiotic cookies soon with the [Barley+] bars.

FF: Has there been any specific change in behavior or mood?

CM: Actually, my mood has been consistent. Like I said last week however, is that I usually have a lag in the middle of the day. I’ve been going non-stop the last few days because of work and I haven’t had a lag or a crash so that has been a real positive outcome.

FF: Has there been any interaction from your “Healthy Gut Girl”  community since starting this challenge?

CM: Yes! Lots of clients have been texting, emailing, and asking me if they can do it too! I tell them sure they can by going to It’s been great to explain to my followers that the barley is such high quality and prebiotic and so nutritious. It’s totally worth giving it a try.

The Healthy Gut Girl is half way done with her +28 Day Reboot Challenge. Sign up for the +28 Reboot today here. You can also find more about Catalina and her journey with gut health on her website:


You can purchase your Barley+ products here:


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Sign up for exclusive content on all things digestive health! Featuring our delicious recipes, coupons, and of course news on our latest and greatest products. Every sign up receives a coupon for $1.00 off!